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SURVEY PROJECT AT SWAGOThomas Putnam has started the survey project!! Please contact him for coordination
**this cave is closed for anything other then this project at this time**

To enter property you must waive all liabilty to the owner, You must first be an approved Carpenter-Swago Survey Team Member. Instructions:
  • 1. Obtain the password from "Thomas Putnam"
  • 2. Click link below
  • 2. Enter Passcode
  • 3. Complete form
  • 4. Sign the form, and submit
  • 5. You will be emailed a copy and can download and print a copy.
  • click here to complete waiver

Welcome to Swago farms, camping, caving, and other information regarding swago farms.

Photo Carpenters Swago taken by Nikki Fox, very sad. They reported heavy infection on the carpenters side, none on swago side.
For cave access information and waivers click the cave of interest below.
Carpenters Swago
Road Side Pit
Cook Pot
Red Oak Realty Ent Maxwelton
S Cave K
S Cave J
S Cave S
S Cave B
S Cave M
Two Door Cave
Razor Back Spider
Zoids Revenge
Hills Creek Shaft
Razor Door
The Cave Of Golom
Radio Pit Ent Friars Hole
Trough Cave
M Cave N
M Cave E
M Cave D
M Cave J
M Cave C
Cutlip Cave
Hills Creek Cave
Oaks Pit
Other Caves
Dig E19
Dig E1
Dig E21
Dig E22
Dig E23
Dig E24
Dig E25
Dig E26
Dig E27
Dig E28
Dig E29
Dig E30
Dig E31
Dig E32
Dig E33
Dig E34
Dig E35

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