#6564-- Boone County, WV -$7,500.00-

Peytona, WV 25154


Listing Details

6564.livewv.com Peytona, Boone County 0.97 acres with delapitated house. Buyer Beware 7500.00
  • Property:
  • acres: 0.97
  • Taxes: 306.86
  • Possession given at: Closing
  • Directions (Ask, we are happy to show): Starting at Madison depart right onto Avenue C for 0.01 miles; turn right onto State Street for 0.29 miles; turn straight onto Smoot Avenue for 1.91 miles; turn left onto US 119 for 0.56 miles; turn right onto Daniel Boone Parkway for 8.41 miles; turn right onto Garretson Drive for 0.11 miles; arrive right onto Garretson Drive for 0 miles;
  • Latitude DEC: 38.0983
  • Longitude DEC: -81.7128
  • Address (rural address may be approximated)
  • address*: 222 GARRETSON DR , Peytona, WV 25154
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